Guadalupe Opossum

We accidently caught a half-grown opossum in our feral cat trap last night. This is the second time we have caught this same guy and he was not happy about it. He caught his jaw in the cage mesh and John had to drive him to the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley to get detached. They don’t open until 10 a.m. so John actually had to drive there twice. When he released the opossum back on the Guadalupe River bank, the opossum waddled off a few steps, then turned around to glare and hiss angrily at John, then waddled a few more steps and turned to glare and hiss again before disappearing under the dracenas.

John went back to the truck to take out the tarp he had put under the cat trap and found a large, scared alligator lizard hiding in the corner. Apparently, the lizard had been hiding in the tarp before it went into the truck and had been stuck under an angry opossum since then.

Nobody had a good morning: the opossum was mad at being trapped and driven all over, the lizard was frightened by the opossum and the truck, and John was late to work.

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