All Saints’ Courtyard Service, Potluck, & Talent Show

We went to the All Saints’ Episcopal Church (Palo Alto) Courtyard Service, Potluck, & Talent Show last night. It was warm with light breezes, a delightful time to sit and be outside with God in a community of friends. There was a brief eucharist service followed by a potluck dinner. The All Saints’ courtyard has a painted version of the Chartres Labyrinth, so our folding chairs were on top of the blue and white spiral pathway.

After dinner, the youth group had a small celebration for my son’s 13th birthday and then offered up a talent show. We had Alex on the piano, Galen on the violin, several silly skits, and two a capella songs. My daughter Jessi gave us a lovely rendition of “How Can I Keep from Singing?”. This is the theme song of Harker’s Cantilena women’s chamber ensemble. She sang it with them on their tour last winter of Vienna, Prague, and Budapest. Jessi had to adapt it for a single voice based on the version in her favorite folk song book Rise Up Singing.

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