Singing Competition – CMEA

My 17-year-old daughter and I just got back from thecCMEAc(California Association for Music Education) Solo & Ensemble Festival at San Jose State Univ., that is: a musical performance competition. Jessica’s school, Harker, was doing very well when we left. Everyone from Harker who had performed in either voice or instrument had gotten the highest rating of “Superior”. One of Jessi’s friends from Susan Nace’s Cantilena (Upper School Women’s Choir) even earned a “Superior with Command Performance”. Of course, we stayed to hear Gail sing again in the big auditorium.

Jessica sang “Gretchen am Spinnrade” (“Margaret at the Spinning Wheel”) with music by Schubert and lyrics by Goethe. With a Superior rating, Jessi can go on to the state CMEA competition in May in Sacramento.

I sat in the performance room while Jessi was warming up with her teacher and accompanist. The overall quality of the performances by Junior High School and High School singers and instrumentalists was impressively good. I have certainly heard many adult professional performers with much less technique and passion.

The Middle School kids who helped run the event and the music teachers who served as judges all did a good job. Even the performers who needed much improvement were sent off with gentle and specific instructions and praise for what they did well. Happily, the worried parents were well behaved and quiet about filming their beloved’s performance.

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