StorageTek SEED Term

As of now, we have 23 applications for the legacy StorageTek
SEED Engineering mentoring term. Of those 23, 11 have
all of the required materials: form, resume, and
manager’s letter of recommendation. That 11 is eligible
for consideration by the Selection Committee next week. The
deadline for all materials is this Friday, 24 March.

Tommorrow morning, we hold our final call-in meeting to let potential
participants and their managers ask questions. Even
though almost all of the applicants are based in Colorado, we
are noticing new cultural differences with this term that we have
not seen running SEED terms in India, China, Europe, and the
Middle East. Tanya Jankot has gotten email notes addressed
to “Dear Ms. Jankot” (a very un-Sun-like formality of address).
Many in this group seem to get everything ready before they send in
any piece of their application. That is, we are often receiving
the form, resume, and manager’s letter of recommendation all in
one day. More usually, SEED is sent the form and the rest of it
trickles in bit by bit over the following week.

I talked with one of the legacy StorageTek executives this
morning who said that submitting information through an internal
web page rather than on paper is new to them. All in all, I think this
term will provide good learning both for the legacy Sun and the newly
acquired StorageTek staff.

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