“A Church Asunder” article

I highly recommend the 10 April 2006 “New Yorker” article “A Church Asunder” by Peter Boyer. This is a history and analysis of current politics and discussions in the Episcopal church.

My husband John and I read the article together and it helped us better understand what is happening in our world-wide Anglican church. I have two comments:

  • I remember that the African Episcopal churches were censured for starting missions in another church’s area – this information is not included in the article.
  • There is a brief description of how the Bible talks about homosexuality but not really enough context to explain.

For better context, I recommend the book Paul, Women, and Wives: Marriage and Women’s Ministry in the Letters of Paul by Craig S. Keener. John and I read the book together when we were getting ready to be married.

Keener is an African American Baptist pastor and his analysis of how the church deals with issues of social change, the Bible, and the role of traditionally denigrated groups (women, slaves, children, divorced people, homosexuals…) is well written, well considered, based in a solid Christian faith, and fascinating.



6/9/2016: links updated


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