Sun Shot – Six Sigma

I am drinking a caffe latte and checking out the conference room I will be in for the next two days. As a Sun Sigma Master Black Belt, I have been asked to help two Sun groups based in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific to sort out their roles and responsibilities. A member of a Sigma team I ran several years ago asked me to get involved even though (or maybe because) I am not in their organizational area. It is always interesting to work with groups outside of my own: we both can learn new ways of solving organizational problems.

As usual with a very short Sigma project (Sun Shot as we call it), the focus is on change acceptance, communication, growing together in understanding, and building a list of next steps and future directions rather than in-depth problem solving. The team leaders (both from Europe) and I have been on the phone several times to develop the charter, then we met in-person yesterday to work out the details. Even though the next two days will be very hard work, I am looking forward to the discussion.

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