Episcopal Convention – DESC Discussion

Today is annual convention for our Episcopal Diocese. Yesterday, there was pre-conference training on Anti-Racism and Safe Church (two different classes!), plus a final question and answer session with DESC. DESC is the Diocesan Evaluation and Structure Committee (fondly called Dezzi) which put together the 5 year report on the Diocese of El Camino Real (ECR), plus the two new structure proposals plus the four new financial model proposals. They have been holding discussions and making presentations all year.

Many of yesterday afternoon’s questions were very specific. That is, following up on what the questioner had read and thought about, rather than general “I just don’t understand” types of questions. This is a tribute to DESC’s amazing efforts toward good communication and inclusion. If there is anyone in ECR who does not know about DESC and the details of their work, they have been hiding under a rock all year.

That does not mean that DESC’s work is fully developed or without controversy. Many of the questions were on fragments of ideas which got left behind from an older document revision. Another set of questions was on how ECR’s 13 missions will be supported and managed in the new proposed structures. ECR will be voting on two mostly-but-not-fully developed structures and models today, and trusting in the Holy Spirit to get us the rest of the way.

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