Caboose Approved!

John and Paul and I and one of our neighbors were in the San Jose City Council chambers this morning at 9 a.m. for the hearing on our Development Variance to move caboose WP668 into our yard as an “accessory structure”. It was approved on the Consent Agenda without discussion! Hooray!

The Permit will be signed this week. Some of the entertaining parts of the 7 page long document:

  • Finding: “4. This Variance, subject to such conditions as may be imposed thereon, will not impair the utility or value of adjacent property or the general welfare of the neighborhood, and will not impair the integrity and character of the zoning district in which the subject property is situate in that the reduced setback will facilitate development of an unusually shaped, small lot that might otherwise remain undeveloped into perpetuity and will be compatible with the adjacent residential neighborhood.”
    (I think this means this project does not mess up the current land use or access.)
  • Finding: “6a…the proposed use at the location requested will not:… Adversely
    affect the peace, health, safety, morals or welfare of persons residing or
    working in the surrounding area…”
  • Conditions:
    “11f…This is a habitable space….”
    “13…Accessory buildings… shall not contain conditioned space,
    living space, or sleeping quarters.”
    (That is, WP668 is a habitable space but not a living space.)
  • Next step: ask for a Building Permit from San Jose’s Chief Building Official.

After we have the Building Permit, we can move the caboose!

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Updated 5 April 2020

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