Singing Competition – CMEA

Today was a big day for Jessica, my 18-year-old daughter. She checked the web site and was happy to find out that Smith College has accepted her application. We have now heard back from 3 of the 9 colleges to which Jessica applied. (University of Rochester also accepted her, MIT alas said no.) We will hear from the remainder by 2 April. It is a long and difficult wait.

Also, John and Jessica and I just got back from the CMEA (California Association for Music Education) Solo & Ensemble Festival at San Jose State Univ., that is: a musical performance competition. Jessica was the last singer today. She sang an aria in Russian from Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Czar’s Bride and was awarded the highest rating of “Superior” along with a Command Performance. The judge said Jessica’s was the only Command Performance he awarded today!

Susan Nace (Harker’s superb music teacher and the director for Cantilena, Harker’s Upper School Women’s Choir) accompanied Jessica on piano. We are very proud of Jessica and continue to be delighted with the excellent music education and support provided by Ms. Nace.


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2 responses to “Singing Competition – CMEA

  1. Cathy Minck

    Dear Katy Dickinson,
    We are distant cousins, French is my mother tongue, sorry for the mistakes. I’m fond of genealogy and family history. My great grandfather Henry Chavannes grew up in Knoxville and went back to Lausanne with his parents in 1864 during the civil war. Edouard Bolli and Theodore Chavannes were Swiss consuls and businessmen in Brazil. We spent a few days in Knoxville with my husband John Mary and bought the book of David Babelay ” They trusted and were delivered” at th East Tennessee Historical Society, our ancestors history and our lineage are mentioned. I would like to send you more information about your family roots…
    With best regards Cathy

  2. Cathy Minck

    Edouard and Theodore were brothers-in-law. I often read your family news and others. I was in Bern at the Federal Archives and get Edouard Bolli ‘s appointment as Swiss consul in Pernambouc ( 1847) and more at the Archive of the Canton of Vaud about Esperandieu before he went to the States in 1849. He was teatcher at the ” Faculté de Théologie de l’Eglise libre ” in Lausanne and joined his brother- in – law Reverend Adrian Chavannes at Knoxville.
    with best regards Cathy

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