TSA vs. the Homeless

I was packing up to check out of the hotel here in Northampton, MA when I remembered that I can no longer take home the extra soaps and little shampoo
bottles. The TSA volume limits of liquids on U.S. flights mean that I need all of the allowance for my own shampoo and lotion. For decades, I have brought home my
unused hotel toiletries to donate to the homeless at church. All Saints’ in Palo Alto, CA works with InnVision to feed the hungry and distribute socks, small toiletries, and other necessities and comforts. While the hotel may reuse what I leave and I can always buy toiletries to donate, leaving these behind still feels a shameful waste.


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3 responses to “TSA vs. the Homeless

  1. You can still carry as many toiletries as you like in checked luggage, can’t you?

  2. Odera Ionopi

    Oh no!

  3. Hi Pat
    Thanks for the comment. On this short trip, we used carry-on luggage only but you are correct that toiletries are not limited in checked luggage.

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