SEED Update: 4-Site Term 90% Matched

The SEED Engineering mentoring program’s 4-Site term
(for Bangalore, Beijing, Prague, and St. Petersburg
staff, June – December 2007) is 90% matched with
46 mentoring pairs already working together. Many of them
have already asked to take the optional 2 hour phone-in mentoring
facilitation training.

Tanya Jankot and I are preparing for SEED’s next two
worldwide Engineering terms, for Recent Hires and Established
Staff. These will be announced by CTO Greg Papadopoulos
later this month with applications in June. Both worldwide
terms will start in September 2007. I will be putting
together the Recent Hire Selection Committee (usually 3
Sun Distinguished Engineers plus 3 Directors or VPs) in the
next week or so. I will also start inviting speakers for
SEED’s next in-person meeting (to be scheduled in September
or October) in the next few weeks. Busy time!

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