Cantilena choir’s 1st unanimous superior at CMEA

We just got email from Susan Nace (Harker’s superb music
teacher and the director for
, Harker’s Upper School Women’s Choir) that
on Saturday Cantilena won its first Unanimous Superior at the
CMEA (California Association for Music Education)
choir competition! The judges comments were:

  • Stunning balance! Rich singing (you put many college choirs to shame with the high level of phrasing and expression we heard from you today.)
  • Confident singing.
  • Lovely, warm tone, mature sound.
  • Fine understanding of the music.
  • Very musical and sensitive.
  • Great discipline and decorum.
  • Tone production is beautiful.

My daughter Jessica said the choir worked hard for this CMEA rating, including a sight
reading test in which Ms. Nace had just two minutes to prepare and Cantilena had five minutes
to practice a new piece of choral music. Jessica has a big voice and has been very focussed
on improving her vocal range and control this year so she had extra work to stay balanced with
the other women’s voices.

Even though Jessica was not accepted into any of the college music
programs to which she applied, earning a personal CMEA Superior last year and a
CMEA Superior (with Command Performance) again this March plus being part of Cantilena when
they were awarded a Unanimous Superior by CMEA is a great way to end her High School
senior year as a member of Harker’s Conservatory. I think Jessica will very much miss being
part of this fine choir. We hope she can join an equally excellent choir and work with
another great voice teacher at
Carnegie Mellon starting in August.

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