Caboose Move on Front Page

A photo of my family standing on the platform of our caboose is on today’s front
cover of our local newspaper, the

Willow Glen Resident
. Inside on p.18-20, are more color and monochrome
photos, nine images in all. The reporter, Mayra Flores DeMarcotte, has been
patiently waiting to publish this story ever since February 2007 when she
saw our application for a variance presented to the San Jose City Council.
Mayra sent two photographers, Jacqueline Ramseyer and Vicki Thompson, to take
pictures of the
12 May
final move and crane lift of WP668 into our backyard. The name of
today’s story is “Home Depot – Willow Glen family purchases 30-ton caboose”.

Two videos of the big move have been posted on YouTube:

What fun!

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