San Jose Fireworks

John and I just got home from watching the American Independence holiday fireworks at our local train station. I can still hear our neighbors setting off their own 4th of July firecrackers and small rockets. The elevated Caltrain station is just a few blocks from our home. Sitting on the platform, we can see three big fireworks shows and many small ones in the San Jose area. Many of our neighbors also bring their kids, grandparents, dogs, lawn chairs, and blankets to the platform see the free shows. 4th of July is John’s and my
wedding anniversary; every year, we get to celebrate with our whole neighborhood.

Fireworks start at full dark, about 9:30 p.m.. The show lasts for about 20 minutes. Every year there are new shapes and colors. This year, it was square boxes of light, plus red hearts inside of expanding blue balls. The yellow smiley faces and the saturn shapes were back from prior years as well.

I worry about the dogs in the audience since animals often find fireworks terrifying. Our veterinarian gives our two dogs sedatives for this difficult week. Juliet in particular gets hysterical and cries pitiably when she hears fireworks. Romeo, who normally howls whenever he hears a firetruck siren, is much calmer about fireworks.

In addition to the sounds of local fireworks outside, I can now hear two or three fire engines going by. Our neighbors across the tracks must have set their grass field on fire again. I am glad our dogs are asleep.

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