We have the Permits! WP668 Caboose

John was at San Jose City Hall again today talking with the building department. There was an “express plan check” to determine whether we could get permits to build a short set of stairs and also hook up the electrical power to WP668, our backyard caboose. Normally, an “express plan check” is to get permission to build a whole house but because last year we got a variance from the City Council, we had to do this too. It cost $1,132 for today’s plan check and the following three permits:

    1. Anchoring the steps (and tie downs) to the ground
    2. Building the 7 step stairway with banisters and handrails
    3. Electrical installation and wiring

Also included in the $1,132 is a city fee for San Jose to operate and maintain storm sewers – this was about 1/3 of the total charge. $1,132 is about 3 times the permit cost for simple stairs and electrical hook up on a regular structure. The caboose is unusual so the city keeps adding special reviews and requirements, which we have to pay for.

At least we are done with the permitting process and our contractor can finally start work!

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Updated 5 April 2020

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