Stained Glass Caboose Window

On Saturday, stained glass artist Vince Taylor came to visit. We met Vince at the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts years ago. He has made two lovely stained glass windows for us before; we just asked him to make three more for WP668, our backyard caboose. The new glass will fill the 3 bay windows (1 square center plus 2 long side lights) facing away from our house.

We talked about the mechanics of windows (amount of light, privacy, drainage, rain and wind protection, condensation, etc.) and design. As a place to start, I particularly like the piece Vince created for St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, Kenwood. I also asked Vince to include this 1974 image of WP668 as a design element in the center window:


Photo by Dave Stanley on p. 3: “Western Pacific Headlight” Issue #29, Spring 2006, Publisher: Feather River Rail Society and WPRRHS. Used with permission of Dave Stanley

It will take months to go from the bare steel we have to a completed stained glass window set in a custom wooden frame and protected by a sheet of tempered glass. Having worked with Vince before, the development process will be fun.

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