Mentoring Success Metrics

Every quarter, the SEED (and PreSEED) mentoring program announces a
web-based survey for current participants (mentees), mentors, and managers.
Tanya Jankot just finished her analysis of the April 2008 reports.
The results and comments are very similar to previous quarters. Satisfaction remains high, and the most frequent request from participants is for more opportunity (and financial support) for face-to-face contact with their mentor and other participants. Once again, there was no significant difference in satisfaction between participants co-located with their mentor and those working at-a-distance.

The purpose of SEED’s quarterly report is to measure the success of the program. It also gives participants, and their mentors and managers, a chance to voice their opinion of the program and share their thoughts and experiences with fellow participants and the SEED program team. These reports are published with the full knowledge of the participants; we encourage participants to submit more private comments in a separate email. We measure the program’s success through participants’ reported satisfaction and learning, plus the more objective annual measures of promotions, retention, performance rating, etc. The success of the individual participant is due to their own capabilities and hard work (plus available opportunities and good management!). Increased success of the participants as a group may be attributable in part to the SEED program.

Here are some of report highlights:

    • This quarterly report was for 4 terms (3 SEED terms, plus 1 PreSEED term).
    • 92 people responded to the survey: 53 participants, 29 mentors, and
      10 managers answered. There were 149 eligible participants (36% response rate).
    • Participant respondents report that participation in the program positively influenced the following:
      • Better career direction: 58% of respondents
      • Greater understanding of Sun’s overall architecture, strategy, or business direction: 55% of respondents
      • Broader network of contacts (peer or executive): 45% of respondents
      • Increased visibility, within or outside work group: 42% of respondents
    • Participant satisfaction with the program:
      • 92% reported being satisfied
      • 98% thought that the meetings with their mentor were worthwhile
    • Mentor satisfaction with the program:
      • 79% believe their Mentee’s participation has made them more valuable to Sun
      • 89% would want to be a mentor again in the SEED program in the future
      • Several Mentors noted that their partnership had just begun and they were not yet able to assess the program’s impact.
    • As with past quarterly reports, analysis does not show significant difference in responses to “Q15 Overall Worth of Meetings with Mentor” and “Q24 Overall Satisfaction with Program” between participants at-a-distance from their mentor and those co-located with their mentor. A full 76% of participants who responded to this quarterly report were at-a-distance from their mentor. This is a positive indication that SEED mentoring partnerships are beneficial to participants whether or not the mentoring pair is able to meet in person.

For information on some of SEED’s survey techniques, see my 16 April 2008 blog
How to Survey
and my 1 May 2008 blog

How to Survey, Part 2 (Best Practices)

PreSEED is a pilot of the SEED worldwide Engineering mentoring program.
More information on SEED is available at

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