Sun’s Technology Advisory Board (TAB)

I usually write about my work here at Sun for the SEED worldwide Engineering mentoring program. Another of my programs is Sun’s Technology Advisory Board or TAB, which I manage for Greg Papadopoulos (Sun’s Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Research and Development).

What does TAB Do?
Since 2005, TAB has met several times a year to discuss key technical topics and trends, partnering to shape Sun’s technological vision for future development and product plans. The role of a TAB member is to support Sun’s Chief Technologist’s Organization in making recommendations to the CTO and Chief Executive Officer, as well as to the Chairman of the Board and Sun’s Board of Directors. Here they are at yesterday’s meeting:

TAB, Sun Microsystems Technology Advisory Board, Greg Papadopoulos, Steve Ward, Ivan Sutherland, Danny Hillis, Dave Patterson, Mike Splain, June 2008

TAB in June 2008
L to R Standing: Greg Papadopoulos, Steve Ward
L to R Seated: Ivan Sutherland, Danny Hillis, Dave Patterson, Mike Splain
Who are They?

Image Copyright 2008 by Katy Dickinson
Links updated 11 January 2017

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