Keeping in Touch with my College Kid

My daughter
is now in her second undergraduate year at
Carnegie Mellon University
in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is
doing well and enjoying herself despite the un-California-like weather of her
school home. She is in CMU’s
Humanities Scholars Program
majoring in Political Science with minors in Music and Computer
Science. She also working on the P4
at CMU’s
Posner Collection
(to record more of Shakespeare and Twain for
YouTube) and she teaches karate.
She is a very busy kid. I miss her. How do we keep in touch?

One way is through our blogs. Reading

lets me know some of what Jessica is thinking and experiencing.
My respect and admiration for my daughter grows when I read her blog (although I
despair that she will ever learn to spell). Jessica says she started blogging
to reduce the number of status update calls required for friends and family.
I find it easier to write for
Katysblog when I have Jessica in mind.

Another way to keep current with my busy college kid is through scheduled
weekly phone calls, sometimes using Skype.
Also, for the second year, Jessica and I will be attending the

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
conference together soon.
In 2007, Jessica was on my “Girl Geeks” panel at Hopper, this year her own poster
(on academic plagiarism) was accepted.

Jessica bought me a book before she left for college last year called
I’ll Miss You Too: An Off-to-College Guide for Parents and Students
by mother and daughter Margo E. Woodacre Bane and Steffany Bane
(Sourcebooks Trade, 2006, ISBN-10: 1402206410, ISBN-13: 978-1402206412).
It is a good resource book on the transitions, joys, and challenges of
having a kid in college.

Katy and Paul and Jessica using Skype

Katy and Paul and Jessica using Skype
photo: copyright 2008 John Plocher
Jessica on Skype

Jessica on Skype
photo: copyright 2008 John Plocher

Images Copyright 2008 John Plocher

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