Win Ng Chicken

For my birthday, my mother gave me two books and a chicken. The chicken is an elegant ceramic cooking pot made by Win Ng in the late 1960s. It is practical and well made and has cooked many family dinners.

Win Ng was a family friend, ceramicist, and co-founder of the popular Taylor & Ng store in San Francisco. When I was a little girl, he adopted one of our Siamese kittens, which gave us something to discuss when we visited his store. Long after the store closed, my mother rented studio space from Win Ng on Belcher Street in San Francisco. She still has one of his larger ceramic sculptures on her garden deck.

Win Ng Chicken Cooker:
Win Ng Ceramic Chicken Cooker owned by Katy Dickinson

Win Ng Ceramic Chicken Cooker owned by Katy Dickinson

Win Ng Ceramic Cube:
Win Ng Ceramic Cube owned by Katy Dickinson

Images Copyright 2008-2011 by Katy Dickinson
Updated 17 August 2016


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2 responses to “Win Ng Chicken

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  2. How lucky you were to actually know Win Ng as a family friend! I’m in love with his ink drawings used in books like Plantcraft, Herbcraft, Teacraft, and on the Taylor & Ng mugs circa 1976.
    I hope one day you ask your mom to share photos and stories about her studio she rented from Win Ng, and you could post it here.
    I was also curious how his last name is pronounced?
    I really enjoyed reading this post.

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