Wedding Reception

On Sunday, we went to a wedding reception at our old church. Two of our friends were married after living together for 34 years. They were married at home but wanted to celebrate with their church family too. The reception was a joyful event with little kids running around and long-time friends of All Saints’ Episcopal Church catching up on each other’s news. My husband and son and I had a good time and were happy to be invited to toast the “new” couple.

I served on the Vestry (Episcopal parish business committee) and outreach committee with both Jeff and John. I know them to be profoundly dedicated to making the world better for those less fortunate than themselves. I have deep respect for both as good men and good Christians. John wrote in the church newsletter:

“After 34 years together, it is wonderful to have an actual anniversary day! We now know what others had told us: marriage *is* different from    ‘domestic partnership’.”

Because of the social controversy and recent divisive public battles over California Proposition 8 (2008), this small community celebration of the lives of two good men had a little flavor of a political event. Spending by groups both for and against Prop 8 and same sex marriage surpassed that of every political campaign in the US except the presidential race. So, the topic was on our minds. Everyone I talked to was full of joy for Jeff and John but also concerned about the pending lawsuits over the Prop 8’s constitutionality and their effect on the lives of our friends.

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