SEED Mentoring Applications Closed – 95 Total

Applications have now closed for the new
worldwide Engineering mentoring term for Established Staff (to run April-October
2009). 95 people applied and 70 of those applications were completed and
are eligible for consideration. We will accept 40 to 50 people in this term.
Tanya Jankot and I are now discussing details and checking information.
Next step is information validation by Human Resources. SEED’s selection committee
meets at the end of this week, followed by an email announcement to all applicants
and their managers.

SEED runs seven terms a year. After this Established Staff, the next terms
will be for PreSEED and GSS SEED. Applications for PreSEED and GSS SEED
will be accepted starting in early April; the PreSEED and GSS SEED terms
will run June-December 2009.

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