Good Free Games

I have been concerned to watch the Studio 17 kids at Santa Maria Urban Ministry playing mindless smash-and-blood or doll-dress-up games during their after homework computer time. I have started a list of “Good Free Games” as alternative suggestions. Studio 17 will also be buying some games (like Zoo Tycoon and Crayon Physics) soon.

I asked my 16-year-old son Paul to research and recommend Good Free Games which were fun to play but also educational. Some of these require flash software (will not work on an iPad) and all have advertisements to wait through (that’s why they are free). I added to Paul’s list games recommended by other sources. This afternoon, Studio 17 tried out about half of the games listed here and had a very good time. Additional suggestions are welcome!

I am adding to this list as we find more games, see More Good Free Games – or do a web search for “Good Free Games”.

16 February 2014 – links updated


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3 responses to “Good Free Games

  1. melanie gao

    These are great – many thanks to you and Paul for collecting the links!

  2. Contour is a pretty addicting game. Very simple, yet fun playing with those topography maps rolling that ball around to the goal!

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