Estate Sale

One of my quiet joys on weekends is going to garage and
estate sales.
I am not methodical about finding garage sales: I go to the ones
I happen to see driving around rather than reading listings. However,
I am on the mailing lists of two estate sale companies called
“To Each His Own” or TEHO, and
“Unexpected Treasures”.
I usually find stuff of interest at their sales. If I have time and
the home being cleared is local, I try to attend the preview sale
before they open to the public.

Some estate sales are sad: I feel uncomfortable seeing wedding albums,
baby pictures, and hundred-year-old family Bibles available for a few
dollars. Others offer only stuff which is worthless to me, like Hummel
figurines, or cowboy, movie star, and military memorabilia. Last
weekend, however, John and I attended a very interesting sale. We got
there late but in about half an hour, we bought a laser level, ladder,
storage cabinets, antique keys and doorknobs. We had planned to buy
most of these things anyway and were happy to have them at about a tenth
the price of retail.

1910 original brass doorknobs

1910 original brass doorknobs
photo: copyright 2009 Katy Dickinson
Antique keys

Antique keys
photo: copyright 2009 Katy Dickinson
Laser leveling tool

LaserJamb leveling tool
photo: copyright 2009 Katy Dickinson

Images Copyright 2009 Katy Dickinson

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