SEED Mentor Matching Off to a Good Start

I started the mentor matching cycle late last week for the 15 June –
15 December 2009
and PreSEED worldwide Engineering mentoring terms.
Sheri Kaneshiro is providing support for the extensive SEED
web tools designed by Tanya Jankot while Tanya is on leave
with her new baby. It takes Sheri and me a little longer to
work everything out but we are making good progress now.
Since the first invitations to 80 potential mentors went out
on 27 May, there have been 12 acceptances (5 for SEEDs
and 7 for PreSEEDs). 68 to go!

Today, I was happy to confirm the last of the 15 rematches for mentees from
four terms whose mentors left Sun since February 2009. SEED has a
standing offer to re-match any mentee whose mentor leaves Sun within
three months of their original match. Rematches are for a full six
months. For some reason, rematches take longer than first matches
but everyone does get matched in time.

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