25 Mentoring Pairs Matched for SEED and PreSEED

Mentor Matching Status

My first 22 email invitations for potential mentors in the Global Sales and Service (GSS) SEED term went out 27 May. The PreSEED emails went out the next day. In the first week after starting these mentor matching cycles, 22 of the 80 participants were matched (28%). This is low for a usual term but
with the Sun-Oracle transition uncertainties plus JavaOne this week, it is to be expected. Three more have been matched today already, so responses are picking up.

Both terms will run 15 June – 15 December 2009. The majority of both terms’ participants work outside of the USA. Only 7 of the mentor-mentee pairs matched so far are local to each other. Fortunately, quarterly SEED satisfaction reports show no statistical difference between working locally and at a distance. To see how the SEED mentor matching system works, read “SEED: Sun engineering enrichment & development” Research Disclosure Database Number 482013, defensive publication in Research Disclosure, Published in June 2004, Electronic Publication Date : 17 May 2004 (5 pages, PDF format)


21 GSS SEED Mentee Locations
Belgium   1,   5%
France    1,   5%
Germany   1,   5%
Hungary   1,   5%
Italy     1,   5%
Japan     2,   10%
Norway    1,   5%
Slovakia  1,   5%
Spain     1,   5%
Sweden    3,   14%
Switzerland    1,   5%
United Kingdom 3,   14%
USA       4,   19%
7 GSS Mentor Locations (so far)
Germany   1
India     1
UK        1
USA       4
58 PreSEED Mentee Locations:
9 China,    16%
2 Czech Rep, 3%
1 Germany,   2%
5 India,     9%
1 Ireland,   2%
5 Italy,     9%
2 Japan,     3%
1 Russia,    2%
2 Spain,     3%
1 United Arab Emirates (Dubai), 2%
2 UK,        3%
27 USA,     47%
17 PreSEED Mentor Locations (so far)
Czech Rep   2
France      1
UK          1
USA        13

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One response to “25 Mentoring Pairs Matched for SEED and PreSEED

  1. Hi Katy.
    I am interested in this mentoring project.
    I am working for the Scottish Mentoring Network and we aim to raise best practise amongst professionals who set up and manage mentoring projects within organisations.
    We want to have as much relevant information as possible on our site to give to practitioners so that more mentoring can be spread out within Scotland.
    If you could send me any useful reports, news or cases studies regarding that would be great.

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