Ave atque vale (hail and farewell)

On our nightly walks in the winter of the year, John and I noticed many small business quietly closing where we live in Willow Glen. Sadly, we have lost restaurants, a wine shop, a hair cutter, a sports clothes shop, and a furniture store.

However, recently that downward trend has thankfully reversed and we are seeing new and transformed retail and service startups repopulating the area.
For example:

    • Willow Glen Books said they were closing but then new life was announced by the new owner
    • Conte’s Aaron Doors was transformed from a garage door shop to a consignment shop which also sells garage doors. I was told that
      people who buy garage doors are often looking for a place to sell the stuff in their garage. Makes sense.
    • I have seen a sign on the street for Get Fit which now offers personal training and fitness mornings and evenings in a local park and in the basement of St. Francis Episcopal Church.

It is good to see local business looking up after so many dreary months.

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