Thanks, Johnathan!

Katy Dickinson poster Mentoring Queen, Shakespeare Fanatic, Process Empress, Change Agent
photo: copyright 2006 Sun Microsystems Jonathan Schwartz signature on Katy Dickinson poster
photo: copyright 2009 Katy Dickinson Jonathan Schwartz signature on Katy Dickinson poster
photo: copyright 2009 Katy Dickinson

My poster story

In 2006, Sun had a Change Agent poster contest and I was lucky to be one of the winners. The posters went up in Sun buildings around the world plus each winner got a few copies of our own poster, one of which was signed by Jonathan Schwartz, Sun’s CEO and President. I was proud of my signed poster so I put it up in the hall next to my office door. Last year, someone decided to rip everything down from the walls of our building. I was very disappointed to find my poster had been thrown out but figured there was nothing to be done…

This week, I was talking with Bree Luther who works for Jonathan and told her my poster story. She very kindly offered to fix the problem. Bree took my two remaining posters to Jonathan yesterday and he signed both! Thanks, Jonathan! (and Bree!).

Images Copyright 2006-2009 by Katy Dickinson and Sun Microsystems


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4 responses to “Thanks, Johnathan!

  1. melanie gao

    What a nice story.

  2. Unknown

    Does his signature make any sense now ?

  3. Vijay Tatkar

    Good for you, Katy. I’m happy.
    To the "unknown" above who commented if his signature made sense, I’m reminded of when I became US citizen officially. The INS executive/officer was careful to point out to us that he didnt need our old country passports back. We were free to, and he encouraged us to, keep them because they were part of our history and who we were.
    It was a nice gesture from a bureaucrat and we were all touched by it.
    If I were you, Katy, I would put it along with all the other things we keep as part of our past.
    Looks like you care about it too, since you were bothered enough to mention it to Jonathan

  4. christine

    I’m so happy there were people who cared enough to return this artifact to your life. It speaks to their generosity and willingness to act, rather than sit back and thrown potshots.

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