1st day at Hopper Conference (GHC09)

This is the first day of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC09), in Tucson, Arizona. My daughter Jessica arrived this afternoon. She put up her Poetry and Prose Performances Project poster for the opening reception tonight.

Now, we are in our room sorting swag from the registration bags, including: Sun’s wonderful water bottle, a notepad in a case (Symantec), hand-crank flashlight (SAP), glasses case (Raytheon), waterproof case (NYU), survival light-compass-whistle (Virginia Tech), makeup mirror (NetApp), purse hook (NetApp), USB hub that looks like a chew toy (Thomson Reuters), weird red nail polish (State Farm), mints (Microsoft, CA), sunscreen (Yahoo), pens and pencils (lots), a big mesh beach bag (Lockheed Martin), a strange ninja coder coaster (Amazon), and 1 free download song (HP). We are still checking out Hopper Conference tshirts (but of course, I like Sun’s best).

Sun water bottle, GHC09 bag

Sun GHC09 tshirt


I have already talked with dozens of impossibly interesting and cool people and am looking forward to the first regular day of sessions tomorrow. The Sun women have already unpacked Sun’s exhibit hall table (in a very good location near the bottom of the escalator). We have been giving out Sun tshirts, pens, books, technical reports, copies of Open Solaris software, and other stuff to an enthusiastic and energetic crowd of 1,600 technical women in industry, faculty, and students. What fun!

Gilda Garreton

Jessica with Maria Klawe

Pamela Parish

Cynthia Chin-Lee, Sonia Leon

Cathleen Wharton

Deirdre Straughan


Images Copyright 2009 by Katy Dickinson

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