2nd Day at Hopper Conference (GHC09)

This is the second day of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC09), in Tucson, Arizona. My daughter Jessica and I are rooming together and hanging out when we are not attending or participating in other events. Last night, Jessica’s Poetry and Prose Performances Project poster** was well received. Every time I saw her during the reception, there were people asking questions.

My first panel was today: “The Value of Awards and How to Get Them”*, with Dr. Chandra Krintz (Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, University of California at Santa Barbara) and Dr. Bob Walker (Professor and Chair, Computer Science Department, Kent State University). The panel was well-attended and we answered many good questions. Unfortunately, we were in the same time slot as the ever-popular Imposters Panel. I gave away fifty copies of our panel handout but there were people who did not get one, so I have linked it here.

Katy Dickinson, Chandra Krintz, Bob Walker


Sun’s CTO Greg Papadopoulos and all of us are very sorry that he was unable to attend the Hopper Conference at the last minute. He had been invited to talk about his new book: Citizen Engineer: A Handbook for Socially Responsible Engineering.

Citizen Engineer book by Greg Papadopoulos, David Douglas, John Boutelle.

We are handing out 100 of Greg’s books from Sun’s exhibit hall table with a unique-to-GHC09 insert featuring a signed quote from Greg from 2006:

      “Beyond corporate initiatives, it’s critical to provide a broader sense of community for aspiring female engineers and leaders. Organizations like the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology and Women in Technology International serve such a purpose, giving women the opportunity to share ideas and experiences at conferences like the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing…

      In the end, society is influenced by a variety of motivations. Whether yours is social justice, personal experience or the old-fashioned profit motive, there is no doubt that being more inclusive in engineering will make the whole field richer, wealthier and more connected to society. Consider this. When was the last technical conference you attended called a ‘celebration’? My point precisely.”

We are also giving away copies of the new Sun Labs technical report: “Sun Mentoring: 1996-2009” (2009, by Katy Dickinson, Tanya Jankot, and Helen Gracon)


I was at a VIP breakfast this morning that started at 7 am. Crossing the arroyo bridge between sections of the hotel, I saw a desert lynx sitting below. One of the hotel staff said the lynx had just had her babies and nesting there. So cool! Tonight is the GHC Awards presentation and dance.

* Read the official GHC09 blog entry on my Value of Awards panel.

** Read ACM’s Valerie Barr on “Opening Day of Grace Hopper Conference” for a review of Jessica’s poster.

Images Copyright 2009 by Katy Dickinson

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