Making YouTube Video Slideshows

Following our daughter Jessica’s excellent example, my husband John Plocher has started to make YouTube videos. Since 2008, Jessica has been posting videos as part of her “P4” or Poetry and Prose Performances Project “Bringing Great Literature to YouTube”. You can see her Background Info for instructions on how to do this.

John found out that this is harder than it seems when he created his
SMUM Slideshow September 2009. Both the text and photos came out blurry when uploaded – which they were not when the video was made. The videos are helpful in both public relations and fundraising for the SMUM charity in inner city San Jose, California. While making the video, we were delighted to reconnect with Adam Sun (former owner of Szechwan Cafe on California Avenue in Palo Alto), who gave permission to use his lovely “Coincidence” flute music from his Reflections CD in the video. We also found out during testing that our pet cockatiels love flute music.

The blurry video started John on an investigation of how Apple – iMovie works with YouTube, which soon lead to a family upgrade to Snow Leopard (Mac OS X) software, which lead to buying new copies of stuff we were running on the down-rev version which does not work on Snow Leopard… Several weeks later, John is now working on his second video about El Ministerio Urbano de Santa Maria (or Santa Maria Urban Ministry, SMUM). John and I are on the SMUM Board so we tried out a draft video at last week’s meeting (they liked it). He is working on a final version to be shown at the Diocesan Convention 2009 (Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real) later this month in Salinas, California.

My contribution to this project is taking most of the photos which end up in the slideshow videos. I have been taking photos of specific SMUM subjects recently to fill in the gaps – pictures of ABC Playtime, the Board and regular volunteers, older kids other than Jose and Samantha and Stephanie (who all love to be in pictures and are very cute), the food sorting and distribution areas, action shots, etc.

Some recent images:

DSCN5688 DSCN5709 DSCN5704
DSCN4748 DSCN4759 DSCN4870

Images Copyright 2009 by Katy Dickinson

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