A Company for Big Hearts

In my
1 May 2009
blog, I wrote “Sun is a company for people with big hearts.”

I thought about that today when I heard the end of a story which made me even
more proud of the people with whom I have the honor to work. A week ago,
one of the Software Directors sent out email to Sun’s Menlo Park campus
telling about one of our janitorial staff who had suffered a tragedy and needed
immediate help. Her young son had just died by violence and she had no money
to pay for his funeral. Her janitorial co-worker had asked for donations.

Since then, we learned from the Director who was helping to raise money that:

      7 October:

      “The county was able to get the cost of the funeral/burial down to $8,500. To date, we have collected $6,000 from Sun employees alone! The generosity of the people on this campus is truly overwhelming. There were so many of you who gave LARGE donations, even though you weren’t sure who [our co-worker] was. We had a donation from China as well as one from Prague. Several of you couldn’t get to the office and sent me PayPal or checks. I have had people come by and give me all the money in their wallet! The most touching, though, was from the 11 year old son of an employee who gave his allowance. I am not even sure I can find the right words to tell you all how much this means to [our co-worker] and her family.”

      13 October::

      “I am so proud to say that we collected over $12,000! We paid for the entire funeral and burial AND were able to give [our co-worker] $3,500 to help her get the counseling and other help she will need to get through this awful tragedy.

      [Our co-worker] came back to work yesterday. We hugged each other for a long time. All she could say was “thank you.” I know how much what you all did means to her. She can now mourn the loss of her boy without worrying about how she is going to pay off that debt.

      These last two weeks have been heartbreaking, yet also so very heartwarming. It is amazing to know that if any of us need help, we have a huge family here at Sun willing to jump in.”

Such a sad circumstance cannot be said to have a happy ending but it
could have been much worse without the support of the Sun community.
I was not involved except by giving a small donation but (with permission)
I wanted to share this story. Makes me proud.

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