First Big Rain in the Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area is enjoying its first big rain in about six months. We had one or two light sprinkles this summer but other than that, it has been very dry. KQED radio said this morning at 7:30 am there were 50 major traffic accidents on the highways. I was driving my son to school on Highway 280 this morning, going 65 miles per hour in heavy rain in the diamond lane (for commuters with two or more passengers), when three cars in turn came up right behind me to flash their lights so that they could speed ahead. Traffic was light, so they soon drove around my apparently too-slow self. We all forget how to drive in the rain during the summer.

My husband John spent yesterday at home putting everything away that wandered outside during the dry spell: the pillow on the deckchair, the hammock, the painting scaffold, stuff moved onto the driveway while working on a project in the storage area, etc. He and our neighbor Felix also quickly finished the overhang roof over the storage shelves at the back of the garage. Unfortunately, one of my prickly pear cactus and the English walnut tree on the river bank had grown enthusiastically into that space, so much yelping and whacking of plants were part of the project.

Afternoon update –

what the Guadalupe River (West Alma/Lelong bridge in Willow Glen) looked like when we drove home:

DSCN5783 DSCN5779 DSCN5781

Wet leaves:

DSCN5766 DSCN5770 DSCN5772

Images Copyright 2009 by Katy Dickinson

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