Glass Pumpkins

Glass pumpkins have become a common home decoration at this time
of year. They come in even more sizes and colors than real pumpkins.
I have a small group I bought a few years ago which live
next to my front door from September through Thanksgiving
(after which they are replaced by poinsettia plants for Christmas).

My son Paul’s High School sells
pumpkins made by David Camner and his glass students –
Paly Glass Team”
– each year
to raise funds for their art program. Since my kids no longer seem
interested in carving real pumpkins to make
for Halloween, I bought three Paly art glass pumpkins to decorate
my Thanksgiving table this year. One is a long purple eggplant-like
shape, the other two are traditional shapes but unusual colors.
Paul helped me pick them out.

DSCN5948 DSCN5963
DSCN5807 DSCN5809

Images Copyright 2009 by Katy Dickinson


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2 responses to “Glass Pumpkins

  1. Joel Norman

    How is it that you live in Willow Glen (San Jose) and your son goes to school in Palo Alto?

  2. This comment is from a million net-years ago, and from Paul’s sister, but our parents are divorced and had dual custody. Our Dad lives in Palo Alto. In other news–Paul is the best artist in the entire world.

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