Andy’s Pet Shop

After we adopted our two cockatiels from Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue, we started hearing about Andy’s Pet Shop (1280 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126, 408-297-0840)…
how wonderful it is, how they are a 100% Pet Rescue shop, and about their current financial problems. Andy’s adopts out birds through Mickaboo. Their web site says: “…all the pets in the shop come from a shelter, a non-profit rescue group, or are surrendered for rehoming due to foreclosure, illness, etc.”

A few days ago, my son Paul and I went to check out Andy’s. It is indeed a delightful place for animal lovers. We bought bird
food and had fun visiting the exotic birds, puppies, kittens, mice, rabbits, turtles, and other critters looking for a home. A few days later, we went back because Paul and I had talked so much about Andy’s that my husband John wanted to see for himself. My favorite at Andy’s is Mango, the toucan who has a long narrow forked tongue and big blue feet. If you go, be aware that the big macaws are loud
and very chatty.

Pictures from Andy’s:

DSCN6576 DSCN6561 DSCN6575

My cat Tino and birds Simon & Garfunkel (all rescue animals):

DSCN6600 DSCN6540 DSCN6538

Images Copyright 2009 by Katy Dickinson

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