Trick or Treat

The new
Willow Glen Lions Club
was one of many organizations
providing volunteer crossing guards for the

Trick-or-Treat Trail
sponsored by the

Willow Glen Business Association
on Lincoln Avenue. Thousands
of little kids walked the trail, collecting candy and treats from
the local businesses. Since
was on Saturday this year, children went to school in costume
the day before. The Trick-or-Treat Trail was on Friday, timed so that kids
could go right after school. There were many dogs in costume too because
of the special contest for them.

On Halloween itself, John and I had dinner with some friends in Palo Alto
and then made the rounds with their kids. One Palo Alto house had a very
elaborate witch’s cave, another had an

Area 51
scene, complete with spacecraft on the roof, jeep on
the lawn, and creepy alien experiments. We saw the house that
dresses its concrete goose for all holidays and admired her witch’s
costume. Rumor had it that
Steve Jobs’
house had the most elaborate decorations but the kids
were tired so we didn’t go see.

Willow Glen Trick-or-Treat Trail

DSCN6720 DSCN6621 DSCN6651 DSCN6634
DSCN6694 DSCN6659 DSCN6636 DSCN6648

Palo Alto Halloween

DSCN6727 DSCN6739 DSCN6790
DSCN6787 DSCN6780 DSCN6767 DSCN6796

Images Copyright 2009 by Katy Dickinson

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