Freezing Flowers

It has been raining and hailing and there is a freeze warning in effect now
for our area (the Santa Clara Valley Including San Jose), saying that a “very cold air
mass over the region combined with mostly clear skies and light winds will allow overnight
lows to drop into the 20s tonight. Several hours of sub-freezing temperatures
are likely. Temperatures may fall into the teens in the coldest valleys.”
John and I spent part of this afternoon putting tarps and sheets over our citrus
bushes, bougainvillea vine, and young
avocado tree. He welded standing
frames so that the wet tarps will not crush the plants.
Our front porch now has a rough curtain around it
with the birds of paradise –
– and potted plants inside.

The San Francisco Bay Area weather confuses plants. We still see flaming
Fall colors in the Chinese Pistache –
Pistacia chinensis

trees, while the early Spring flowers like Narcissus
are starting to bloom, at the same time that there
is snow on
Mount Hamilton
and the surrounding hills.

DSCN7574 DSCN7609 DSCN7189 DSCN7164
DSCN7167 DSCN7177 DSCN7190 DSCN7191

Images Copyright 2009 Katy Dickinson

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