Rescue Dog

Today, we brought home our new puppy. Redda (her original name, which we may change) is an 8 month old strawberry blonde collie-pit bull mix. She is smart and sweet and submissive so we think she will make a good addition to our two older dogs, Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet are 14-year-old litter mates. Romeo’s health is failing so we wanted to introduce a new member to our small pack before he died. Redda came to us from Andy’s Pet Shop in San Jose, California. Andy’s is an adoption center for homeless or rescued pets.

We visited Redda at Andy’s several times. We brought Juliet to Andy’s for a visit and we brought Redda to our house to visit Romeo before we decided that the three dogs would get along well. They have had a good day together. Tonight, we take Juliet and Redda for their first neighborhood walk together.

Juliet in John’s lap after her bath


Romeo and Juliet and John


Redda at Andy’s Pet Shop


Images Copyright 2010 Katy Dickinson


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2 responses to “Rescue Dog

  1. Angry_man

    Pitbull which is smart and submissive
    like saying
    Al Gore tells the truth, all pitbulls regardless are not to be trusted ever.

  2. I think people create their pets in their own images, and ugly people get ugly pets–additionally, people with ugly attitudes towards sweet animals can make them ugly. Human always have the power in a dog-human relationship, and bad stewards of that power (perhaps those who speak from positions of ignorance) are truly at fault when a dog hurts a person.

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