“On Leadership” – Ivan Sutherland’s SEED talk, now on YouTube

I am very proud to announce that the SEED worldwide Engineering mentoring program just published “On Leadership” – its first public video. Thanks to SEED Matthias Mueller-Prove (in Germany) who first suggested making Ivan Sutherland’s important 2006 SEED talk public.

A Sun Labs team including Mary Holzer, Sheri Kaneshiro, and Alan Lancendorfer took SEED’s rough internal video and created a polished product which is now available for free viewing as the featured video on the Sun Labs home page. Tanya Jankot and Sheri Kaneshiro created the original 2006 video for SEED. John Plocher and I followed my daughter Jessica’s instructions on How to Post Videos Longer Than 10 Minutes to YouTube.

If you want to see the video of Ivan Sutherland’s 2006 SEED talk “On Leadership” on YouTube, link to the play list to see all 8 segments in sequence. This video is Copyright 2006-2010, Sun Microsystems (uploaded with permission).

In his inspirational talk to SEED’s annual meeting, Ivan Sutherland (Sun Vice President and Fellow, Internet pioneer, and Turing award winner) speaks from a lifetime of experience working with many of the leaders and key innovators in the field of computing. Ivan answered the following questions from the SEED audience:

  • “Where does change belong: managing change or leading change?”
  • “What is the future of Computer Science (in the next five years)?”
  • “Is leadership a property of nature or nurture?”
  • “What makes people want to become leaders?”
  • “How does ambition fit into leadership?”
  • “Can one person encompass both leadership and management?”
  • “Is leadership the same in different situations?”
  • “What is the difference between taking the lead and being a leader?”
  • “Does being a leader once qualify you for all time in the future?”

Since I set up and hosted the meeting at which Ivan spoke, you can hear a tiny bit of my voice just at the end of “On Leadership”.

I hope you enjoy watching it!

Links updated 25 March 2014

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One response to ““On Leadership” – Ivan Sutherland’s SEED talk, now on YouTube

  1. Hi Katy,
    with some digital glue I’ve created a version of Ivan’s talk in just one part. I am also looking very much forward to HyperKult XX — guess why! 🙂

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