Weird Worm – What is it?

Living on the Guadalupe River in San Jose, California, we often see raccoons, opossums, Jerusalem crickets, squirrels, black snakes, toads, mallard ducks, Canada geese, plus song birds and hawks of all sizes.

This week, our neighbor Jamie called John to come see something interesting on the street. John took pictures of an odd very long and thin pinkish-tan worm, about 1-1/2 feet in length (45 cm). It was very lively – wriggling all over the rain-wet pavement. I saw something like it several years ago at night when it was too dark for detail. We are still trying to figure out what it is.


DSCN8810 DSCN8815 DSCN8812

Images Copyright 2010 John Plocher


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2 responses to “Weird Worm – What is it?

  1. Vicki Tan

    I think Yuka has it right…the East Bay Parks and Recreation Dept newsletter recently did an article on those little critters.

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