New Wikipedia Entry: Danny Cohen

Danny Cohen and I have been discussing and editing his new Wikipedia biography since before Christmas.

Danny is a Sun Distinguished Engineer who works down the hall from me in Menlo Park, California. Danny also worked on the ARPANet, the forerunner to the Internet. He was the first to run a visual flight simulator across the ARPANet after pioneering visual real time interactive flight simulation on general purpose computers, and also pioneering real time radar simulation. Later, Danny also led projects on real time interactive applications over the ARPAnet and the Internet, such as packet-voice (aka Voice over Internet Protocol) and packet-video.

Danny is best known for his 1980 paper “On Holy Wars and a Plea for Peace” which coined the terms “Big Endians” and “Little Endians”. There is even a Wikipedia article on Endianness. Danny still considers himself a student of Ivan Sutherland.

Tonight, my husband John and I got Danny’s entry posted. We are still adding references and links and I have promised Danny that I will post a better photo. Check it out:

Danny Cohen (engineer).

This is my second original Wikipedia entry. My first was about early NASA mathematician and Computer  Katherine Johnson

Some pictures of Danny and me:

Our subway map project

Danny Cohen, Katy Dickinson, Sun Labs Metro Maps<br /> photo: copyright 2008 Katy Dickinson

At Dr. Edward Tufte’s class

Katy Dickinson and Danny Cohen at Edward Tufte class<br /> photo: copyright 2008 Katy Dickinson

Images Copyright 2008-2009 Katy Dickinson

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