Changing Times, The Last Bash

There has been much excitement and speculation about the upcoming Sun-Oracle change in control. The big strategy announcement by Larry Ellison is at Oracle in Redwood Shores, CA, on 27 January. Ever since the EU cleared the takeover on 21 January, many have been sending “Goodbye to Sun” messages. Here is one from Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz We started this leave taking process last year with the Tribute to Sun website of stories and pictures from 1982-2009, put together by Marketing SVP Ingrid Van Den Hoogen’s team.

James Gosling (The Father of Java) even made us a “So long, Sun….” image featuring the mascot for Java, Duke, with Tux the Linux penguin in mourning. Buy one for yourself!

The week before last, Sun Labs had what we expect will be its last Friday Bash. Last week, there was a going away lunch at Ming’s for two researchers who are moving on.

DSCN8994 DSCN8971 DSCN8974
DSCN8972 DSCN8992


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