Business Process Architecture: What Project Managers Need to Know

As I wrote on 13 January 2010 in Planning Poker and SEED (Estimating and Rating Tools), I recently attended an interesting meeting of the PM PM SIG. They kindly asked me to return to talk tomorrow at their 7:00 am meeting on the topic of “Business Process Architecture: What Project Managers Need to Know”. This talk is based on my 6 January 2010 Process Success Measures material.

I included my two favorite process quotes:

  • Lawes are ordained as rules of vertuous and sociall living, and not to be snares to trap your good subjects: and therefore the lawe must be interpreted according to the meaning, and not to the literall sense.
    – King James I, England, 1604
  • If rules cannot or ought not to be enforced, they should not exist.
    – “Standard Code” for US Trains, 1899

You can see my presentation slides (including Peanut Butter Robot instructions and a list of useful tools) at:

Blog entry by Katy Dickinson

28 March 2014 and 6 January 2017 – Links were updated

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