Rescued Rocker

Late one night in November 2009, my husband and I found a high backed antique rocking chair during our regular walk around our Willow Glen neighborhood. At 10 pm, we did not expect to find Victorian era furniture abandoned and covered in foggy dew on a street corner. We cycled back to it at the end of our walk and saw that the old chair had a broken rocker and some smaller damage but was generally intact and in good condition. We took it home.

The next day, the rocker went to our favorite fixer of antique furniture, John Gibbs of The Workshop (Campbell, CA). John said that it was about 100 years old, a good piece and worth saving so long as we did not need anything done before Christmas.

We checked up on chair progress from time-to-time and even visited it at The Workshop. This week, we brought the rocker home to WP 668, our backyard caboose. I still need to spend some hours cleaning the wood with Howard Feed-n-Wax and some grade 0000 extra fine steel wool, and we need to have a seat cushion made. I am sitting in the rocker as I write, very glad we saved it!

DSCN9095 DSCN9226 DSCN9227
DSCN9249 DSCN7227

Images Copyright 2010 Katy Dickinson

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