Photos from Sun’s Last Days

Below are some of the photos I took during the last month or so at Sun Microsystems’ Menlo Park, California campus as we were getting ready to become Sun-Oracle.

Long ago, when Sun was getting ready to build the MPK campus, Facilities surveyed the staff on what we liked best about our original Mountain View campus.  The surprising answer came back: the gardens and fountains between the MTV buildings.  MPK has a large and well-designed set of gardens with many fountains.  Since the campus sits in the San Francisco Baylands, songbirds visit as well as seagulls, hawks, ravens, and Canada geese. Cats and squirrels are also frequent guests along with the occasional mouse or rat. There are usually a few pet dogs around as well. The MPK central walkway runs between Building 10 at one end and 18 at the other with landscaping to either side.  I originally moved from MTV-1 to MPK-18, then moved to MPK-17 and finally about five years ago, to MPK-16.

I must have typed my Sun Employee ID (#398) tens of thousands of times over the last twenty five years.  Just a few more to go when I complete my RIF paperwork…

Java Java Closed Permanently
Broken Java Java Cafe Sign
Inside campus
Rain on Leaves
Red Leaf
MPK campus walk
Sun Campus Raven
MPK-16 sign
My Office Door
Full office
Moving out
Empty office
Sun Badge #398

Images 2010 by Katy Dickinson

1/31/2010 note: This blog entry was mentioned in Tip of the blogger’s hat: Katy Dickinson takes a last look at the Sun campus on the “InMenlo” blog by three longtime Menlo Park residents.

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  1. Rohit Bansal

    Hello Sir,

    I have been reading your blogs… I wish you all the very best for coming venture.. “Sun-Oracle”… Indeed leaving behind memories can be really very tragic..

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