Teaching Kids to Love Computers

Every few years, we volunteer teachers at Santa Maria Urban Ministry (San Jose, California) go through a re-application and background check process, as well as training in “Protecting God’s Children”. One of the questions on the SMUM application form asks why I want to teach the children.  I have been thinking about this.

I enjoy teaching. I enjoy children. I love learning and I want the inner city Latino kids in our after-school Studio program also to love learning and love computers. As frustrating as computers can be, I think a love and thorough knowledge of technology will give our wonderful kids more power over their future.

Last Thursday afternoon after we finished homework and snacks, the boys were playing video games in the SMUM computer lab but the girls wanted to draw on the lab whiteboards. Ashley is a very quiet 7 year old who loves penguins, so I showed her how to find penguin pictures using Google’s Image search. We discovered a web page with instructions on an easy way to draw a penguin and then everyone wanted to give it a try…

DSCN9285 DSCN9284


Images Copyright 2010 by Katy Dickinson

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