Expensive Valentine’s Day

Since I no longer work for Sun Microsystems, I am using my own home office equipment more. This week, everything overloaded and died. My old Motorola Razr cell phone had been limping along but then the battery started disconnecting randomly.  My husband John’s Razr gave up after it got washed. So, we started discussing new phones.  Luckily, we mentioned this at our monthly Spirals dinner.  Several of the couples passed around their cell phones and gave tutorials.  The two I liked best were the Motorola Droid and the Apple iPhone, with the iPhone feeling easier for me to use.

John and I went to the very crowded Oakridge Mall Apple Store on Valentine’s Day to buy a black and a white iPhone 3GS. Then, we went out to a lovely dinner at the Sienna Bistro in downtown Willow Glen.  John had a spectacular red bouquet by Mimi at Flower Flour on the table when we arrived.   (I gave John a turned and inlaid wooden bowl by William Broderson as his Valentine’s Day present.)

I consulted with my 17-year-old son Paul as to which two iPhone games he recommended.  I know he will be borrowing my phone to play games when we are driving, so he might as well help me pick.  We chose Crayon Physics Deluxe and Tetris for $5/each.

After I turned in my Sun Ray at Home system on my last day of work, I started using John’s 4-year-old MacBook Pro laptop to drive the big monitor that is cantilevered over my desk.  John started using his iMac for his primary computer because the laptop kept crashing. After the laptop crashed for the sixth time in one day for me, we went to the Apple web site and bought a new 13″ MacBook Pro.  The Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard arrived today, so the laptop itself should get here soon.  It already shipped from Singapore.  It is fun to have new electronics but I very much hope we are done for a while.  This stuff is expensive!

DSCN9747 DSCN9731 DSCN9732

Images 2010 Copyright Katy Dickinson

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