OpenSolaris Governing Board Elections

My husband, John Plocher was just re-elected to his third term on the OpenSolaris Governing Board or OGB. Interestingly, only one elected member of the new OGB works for Oracle, which owns OpenSolaris as a software product (that’s also OGB’s only female member, Teresa Giacomini). The OGB is the managing body of the OpenSolaris Community, which “…is a world wide open source community dedicated to fostering collaborative development, innovation and adoption of the OpenSolaris operating system and related applications and distributions.” (quoted from the Preamble to the newly-approved and revised OpenSolaris Constitution).

The new OGB members are:

Dennis Clarke


Moinak Ghosh

Goldman Sachs

Teresa Giacomini


Simon Phipps


John Plocher


Joerg Schilling

Project BerliOS

Peter Tribble



The OGB election itself was a magnificent example of extreme Geek in Action.  From 25 February through 22 March, the nominations and voting went on.  The Meek Single Transferable Vote system was used, managed with OpenSTV open-source software. It took 31 rounds for all seven members to be elected from among the 16 candidates even though four of them (including John and Teresa) were elected on the first round.  305 ballots were submitted. You can see all of the details on Poll 5: Board Election 2010/Change Constitution.

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