Cursillo – De Colores!

My husband and I made our Cursillo weekend in May 2010, hosted by the Episcopal Santa Clara Servant Community. My father became a Cursillista while I was in High School. I remember what a profoundly moving and joyful experience it was for him. I felt that way too.

Cursillo is structured as a short course in Christianity and functions to strengthen the faith and encourage the leadership of both the participants and the presenters. It is hard to explain other than to write that during the three days, the team did everything possible to make God’s love as clear and present as possible. Whether it was walking on the beach, listening to talks, or making up silly song lyrics, we had a rich and transforming experience.

The symbol for Cursillo is a rooster and among the many songs we sang, the favorite was “De Colores“, which is about rainbows and chickens. I bought the little rooster below for my desk as a reminder…

IMG_4420 IMG_0022

Images Copyright 2010, Katy Dickinson

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