Advancing Your Career Through Awards (GHC2010)

Registration is now open for the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference, to be held in Atlanta, Georgia: September 28 – October 2, 2010. GHC is an amazing event and sells out early – so register and get your hotel room soon!

I will be presenting a panel for GHC2010 called “Advancing Your Career Through Awards”. The panel is scheduled for Thursday, 30 September at 11:15 am. This will make six Hopper Conferences at which I have presented. I am honored to have an impressive group of panelists. The panel description follows…

Advancing Your Career Through Awards


There are hundreds of awards available to women in computing, from the TR35 (MIT’s award for top young innovators), to the ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award for outstanding young computer professionals, to Senior Member or Fellow of the ACM, IEEE, or National Academy, to the Anita Borg Institute Women of Vision awards. In industry, promotions and high-status titles such as Fellow or Distinguished Engineer serve the same function as awards.

Awards are a public acknowledgment of success and excellence. Awards are good for both the honored individual as well as their company, institution, or university. Award winners serve as role models for women entering the field. Moreover, awards build on each other: award winners are more likely to be noticed and considered for additional awards.

However, despite this importance, awards often go begging for lack of good nominations and a great woman is often overlooked because no one mentioned her name or took the time to carefully craft an effective nomination package. This panel will discuss the value of awards and encourage the technical community to develop an increased focus on awards for great technical women at every stage in their careers. Our goal is for more remarkable technical women to consider how to prepare for and pursue awards early in their careers.

What difference does it make if you get awards? What awards are appropriate for your career? How do we ensure that more women students, professionals, and academics will get into the queue and on the lists of those honored? Come and find out!

1. Audience
Women of any age who are students, faculty, or in business, who want greater public acknowledgment of their accomplishments and who want to understand how awards will help their career, will find this panel of interest

2. Panel

3. Bibliography

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